Golden Crowned Kinglet


All puffed out and looking a wee-bit sleepy a Golden Crowned Kinglet rests after a cold winters night just a month or so ago. Mainly a bird that resides in the tree-top and is always on the move it was nice to get a glimpse of them resting down low. I bet the cold winters morning slowed them down this day.

10 thoughts on “Golden Crowned Kinglet

  1. I saw a couple of these for the first time ever last weekend foraging in one of our maple trees. That red crown is almost iridescent, the way it flashed at certain times in the sunlight. I was excited to see them passing through on their way north.


    1. HI Eliza, I bet it was nice to get a surprise like that red crown flashing in your maple trees. They seem to be such fiesta little birds. We had only see the Ruby Crowned Kinglet before so this guy as a nice treat for us. Hope you have a great Sunday.

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    1. Hi, yes that little Kinglet was a bit on the sleepy side that morning and trying to stay warm as well. It does always amaze me animals can take a small nap and still hang onto tree branches and make it look so easy as well.

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