The Avocet and the tern: a short story.

Avocet and tern01

Imagine you are an American Avocet enjoying a quiet morning in the pond. A bit of feeding and then a little relaxation then a bit of feeding.

Then without warning a Forester’s Tern makes a sudden and unannounced and dramatic visit to your patch of the pond.

Avocet and tern02
Avocet and tern03
Avocet and tern04Avocet and tern05Avocet and tern06

Looks like he got what he was after. Just a brief interruption of an otherwise peaceful morning.

Avocet and tern08

For the next couple of weeks we will be posting some of our favorite posts from the past as we take a small respite from the digital world.

6 thoughts on “The Avocet and the tern: a short story.

  1. Wonderful scene at the pond, Mike. An incredible scoop on the tern’s part, and yes, quite a kerfuffle for the avocet. This avocet is in breeding plumage, especially handsome. Lovely series, thank you for that moment at the pond.

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