It’s nice to have something you can depend on and Calliope Hummingbirds fit the definition of dependable spot on. Last year we saw our first Calliope on May 11th and this year a few appeared exactly to our feeder on May 11th. How they did that while completing an over 5,000 mile migration from the forests in Mexico where they winter beats me. These small guys are amazing little birds and no bigger than a ping-pong ball.

10 thoughts on “Dependable

    1. HI Jet, migration and the timing of returns is truly amazing. It is not just the hummingbirds as the ruby crowned kinglets also start singing from our tree on exactly the same date from year to year. Hope your week is progressing well.

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  1. They are remarkable migrants. They come back to the exact same area every year on the same day.* How do they do that? Truly amazing.
    * In summer, I hang hummingbird plants like Million Bells in pots off our back deck. A few years ago before, I had purchased new ones in May, a hummer came and hovered looking for the pot that it remembered being there. Proof to me that it was the same one we’d had the year before.


    1. HI eliza, we experienced a similar event when we moved into a new home. A hummingbird came hovering around one window certain it would find a feeder. It was a strong enough clue to us that is where the feeder was to go.

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