Yellow Rumped Warblers

There is no doubt about it, the sound of Yellow Rumped Warblers is a fine way to start a Friday morning.


Usually flittering about in the tree tops we typically hear Warblers them more frequently than we see them. This spring they have given us a few good looks and even time enough to snap a few photos while they were foraging for meals.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.

16 thoughts on “Yellow Rumped Warblers

  1. Kit Dunsmore

    One of the first warblers I ever saw, I look forward to their return every spring. Bright and cheery! Definitely a great way to start the day. Happy Friday!


    1. HI Kit, they are nice to have around and a great harbinger that spring has really arrived even on a cool and rainy day like it is today. I can hear them warbling out in the trees even as the rain falls.

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