Mighty Mink


While out at a local lake on our kayaks we were treated to a very unexpected sight…a mink hunting crawfish. This guy/gal was working the shoreline and caught at least two crawfish while we watched from out in the lake on our kayaks. We had no idea mink lived along the shores of this lake and have never seen one before. Another reminder that those little moments sure can make your day.

7 thoughts on “Mighty Mink

  1. I would have loved to see that. Wow. But I would have misidentified it as an otter–and definitely not questioning your ID–how do you tell the difference when it’s wet and hunting a shoreline? I must look them up to see. It may be that in person there’s a size difference or something about the fur or that I’m just ignorant!! Fabulous, fabulous photo as usual…


  2. I’ve noticed that since the decline of winter pelt trapping in our area, there’s been an increase in mink, otter and beaver. It’s exciting to see these quick movers as they most often hunt at night.


  3. Kit Dunsmore

    What do you use to protect your camera when you are kayaking? We were on the lake last night and got quite close to some cormorants, but no pictures were possible because we didn’t even have a phone with us. Our inflatable kayak has drain slits that make for a wet ride, even on flat water.


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