In The Willows


You never know what you will find hidden in the willows is what this guy was probably thinking when he noticed we were peeking in from the edge of his terrain. It always amazes me just how easy a creature the size of the moose can disappear from your sight with a simple step or two into the willows. Photographed near Cottonwood pass in Colorado.

11 thoughts on “In The Willows

  1. He’s magnificent!
    Sadly, there are so many ticks in the Northeast (particularly Maine, where the biggest herds are), that the moose here are developing anemia, with young and old dying from it. A sad state of affairs as their numbers are finally recovering from past near eradication.


    1. Hi Eliza, I have read about the declining moose populations due to the increased number of ticks which in turn is suggested to be linked to warmer winters from global warming. I am not sure how it will play out but it seems grim for the moose in the NE.


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