October Gold


Mining for a bit of gold on a mid-October afternoon along the Blacktail Plateau. Most of the trees have dropped their golden leaves  yet the grasses glow golden in the afternoon light.


The clouds come and go but the gold remains along the trail to blacktail creek.


Like giant gold nuggets the bison roam free in the fields along the plateau.


A wonderful way to end the day.

Wishing you a fine weekend and perhaps some time outside for a breath of fresh air.

36 thoughts on “October Gold

      1. Roxi St. Clair

        Bison are so special! Love that there is a lot of open space where you are. Same here in Oregon. Just saw a herd of Elk just yesterday on a foggy morning near my house. Love your photography! 🙂


          1. Roxi St. Clair

            The elk in the fog was amazing and I didn’t have my camera with me! arrrgh! LOL

            Yes, humanity is greedy in their quest to occupy land with more condo’s and shopping malls and such — and our precious wildlife and flora and fauna is rapidly diminishing. If this keeps happening, photos will be the only evidence that they existed.


  1. These are all stunning Mike, but I particularly like the last vista with that beautiful golden light caressing the landscape. I would be very happy stepping into that picture! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


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