Male Ruffed Grouse: Bonasa umbellus


We caught each other by surprise this afternoon. Both walking quietly through the woods me on the trail he through the brush. Once we eyed each other I reached for the camera and got a quick photo. Head held high gave me the once over before quickly flying off into the woods. A quick and satisfying encounter for me and given I was not a hunter for him as well.

According to the climate change model used by the Audubon Society this species is projected to shift mostly out of the conterminous 48 states if temperatures rise 3 degrees C.

Urge congress to take action on climate change.

13 thoughts on “Male Ruffed Grouse: Bonasa umbellus

  1. For the first time in the 29 summers we’ve lived here, the woods were silent of the drumming of ruffed grouse. I’m hoping it was just the bad winter last year and a one-off season, but disturbing nonetheless. We missed them.


  2. Oh how I love to see this bird, so difficult to spot, and not abundant. I have done some pretty crazy things trying to just see this magnificent bird, so this photo was a big treat, thanks Mike.


      1. Yes it would be a pity–so many consequences throughout our ecosystems. We get excited to see new bird species in our area but need to acknowledge that it likely means that some factor isn’t as welcoming to another species that previously thrived here.


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