Caught red handed

The flocks Pinyon Jays moved across the landscape in large numbers noisily calling to each other. On some mornings they would congregate in a flock easily numbering 100 individuals seemingly flying in from all four directions on the compass. An wonderful sight and one we don’t often experience.

In fact, according to All About Birds:

“Pinyon Jay social organization is complex, with permanent flocks that may include more than 500 individuals. Many birds spend their entire lives with the flock where they hatched.”

Seeing and hearing them was a daily occurrence yet getting a photograph was altogether another matter. Just once did they land close enough for a nice photo opportunities and as might be expected it was in a pinion tree with plenty of booty to be had.

6 thoughts on “Caught red handed

      1. No galleries work on tablets either. IMHO not ready. Too many extra steps, not intuitive, just a backwards step. My past was designing systems and I understand they most likely need to have less options to support and maintain but a clone of 15 year old editors is probably not the answer.

        I will be disappointed if they actually drop the old system in December.


  1. I love pinyon jays, Mike, and this photo is a treasure. I’ve only been around them a few times, on a trip to NV, and the flocks are glorious. But getting a close-up of one individual proved impossible.


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