Yet Another Egregious Action

How did the Trump administration celebrate National Bird Day yesterday?

With yet another egregious action to destroy what remains of the natural world as we know it thats how.

“With two weeks left in office, on National Bird Day, the Trump administration—defying opposition from the general public, scientists, tribal governments, international treaty partners, and a federal judge who last summer all but laughed its legal arguments out of court—today announced it has finalized a rule allowing companies and individuals to kill migratory birds as long as they didn’t mean to.”

Although this action is expected to be reversed by the incoming Biden administration the assaults on our natural world will continue.

22 thoughts on “Yet Another Egregious Action

  1. Hopefully our misery is soon over–then cleaning up, saving, preserving, enjoying this grand creation we live in!! I lived most of my life in rural NJ, yes there are such places, and I had a horse ranch! We knew how horrendous Trump is and always was and could not believe that narcissist wormed his way into the White House. Then again, there is one thing he has always excelled at–he’s one of the very best–the con job. And people still don’t see it. Regardless, here’s to hope revived!! Loved your pics, keep up the great blog work, and Happy New Year!!


  2. A champagne toast to the results of this week’s runoff and that we are now days away to an administration more amenable to wildlife—whom, by the way, were here in the US millions of years before we showed up with our grand ideas.

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