Northern Waterthrush

Although he had is back to us we could hear this Northern Waterthrush serenading the females across the creek from a fair distance as we walked through our small wetlands area one morning.

The Northern Waterthrush is often an unseen singer whose rich, sweet whistles lure listeners into its attractive habitats, the wooded swamps and bogs of northern North America. These streaky brown songbirds lack the bold colors of many other warblers and don’t forage in forest canopies. They forage at the water’s edge in bogs and still water, where they hunt aquatic insects and small salamanders, all the while bobbing the rear of the body, much like a Solitary Sandpiper, another denizen of shady swamps.1

This individual had a very sweet song and continued singing off and on for 15-20 minutes while perched up high along the creek.

After about 20 minutes perched in one location they moved nearby for one final look.



One thought on “Northern Waterthrush

  1. It is awesome that you had the joy of seeing a northern waterthrush, Mike. I have seen thousands and thousands of different bird species all over the world, but I have never had the privilege of seeing this beautiful warbler. I feel like I did today with your fantastic photos. How wonderful that you got to hear the song, too.


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