When flowers bloom

Good things happen when flowers bloom. The landscape is painted with colors, the air is fragrant and fresh and butterflies spend time on them.

Like the Alpine above semi-silhouetted in the morning light.


Or this Comma, wings tattered and worn, perched upon a butterfly plant.


Or the Fritillaries above and below working to pollinate the Stonecrop above and ragwort below.


When flowers bloom and butterflies land it’s like getting tow perfect flowers in one. Hope you get a change to spend some time with both this weekend.

Have a great one.

Blue and green


A blue dragonfly perched and overlooking the greenest of summers green.

Welcome to August. The month that seems ruled by dragonflies and where the birds have ceased their songs. In August the the summer sun still sines bright and burns hot yet the green slowly slips to brown. The dog days of summer some say yet the wildflowers still bloom, insects buzz about and plenty of time left to enjoy bounty that summer brings. Still time to hike, swim or just laze around and enjoy the summer sun. Overall August is not so bad.

Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel


Cute like a Chipmunk only bigger. The Golden Mantled Group Squirrel is a resident of mountain and coniferous forest regions across the western United State and Canada.


We spent some time observing this guy/gal while on a recent hike. They were busy scurrying about and not too concerned about us hanging out watching them. They moved about nimbly in the rocky terrain where we found them that afternoon.


Before we left they collected a nice big piece of moss presumably for their den.

So, if you see a giant chipmunk running around it is probably a Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel.