Oh Deer

Just a few family portraits of mom and the kids. We were lucky enough to have them spend the last month or two hanging around our area. A treat to sit and watch as the kids grow up they kept us active as well as much time was spent shooing them away from the garden.

One the the youngsters caught eyeing a nice patch of late-blooming flowers.

While their sibling snacks on wild sunflower seeds.

It’s hard to not smile at a face so cute but turn your back for a second and the petunias are toast.

Into the sunset


Two mule deer fawns head off into the sunset through fields of sunflowers and balsam root with grasses just tall enough to easily slip out of sight when need be. They were not alone this evening as Mom was just ahead leading and teaching these two little ones the ways of Mule Deer life as they quietly slipped off into the sunset.

White Tailed Doe

Usually when we see a White Tailed Deer on the the trail they are a bit more skittish than the Mule Deer we encounter but on this day a White Tailed Doe walked along in the same direction we were going keeping her distance but foraging away unalarmed. We also noticed that while the mule deer in our area are turning much grayer right now the while tailed deer seem to be getting a rusty red color to their coats.