American Dipper


Just like clockwork an American Dipper shows up at the same spot in the same creek each year. It is always a pleasure to see the dipper bobbing up and down and foraging for food under rocks in the water. This year the water in the creek is a bit low so we have yet to see the dipper dive in and go for a swim. Amazing little birds and so fun to watch.

Clear Creek in Denver, CO.

White Breasted Nuthatch


For the next few weeks Christy and I will be presenting a handful of our favorite photos that have been previously posted on the blog as we enter the ever busy holiday season. Hope you enjoy them and have a happiest of holidays.

A few weeks ago and just a minute or two after remaking that there seemed to be no birds in the woods this particular afternoon, we came across this white breasted nuthatch doing his thing on an old cottonwood tree. Look like a nice meal is in the works.