Black on Blue


On a crisp and sunny February morning we spent some time watching a group of Crows playing around on an iced over lake. We were unable to tell what they were doing even after half an hour of observation. Could it have been looking for food, either embedded into the ice, or under it? Or were they just admiring their handsome reflections on the ice? Or who knows what. Anyway, it was fun to observe them walking ever so gingerly to avoid slipping around and peering into the ice for a reason we were unable to determine.

Stink Eye


Stink Eye-a facial expression of distrust, disdain, or disapproval; also called skunk eye, hairy eyeball

I have no idea why, and this mischievous looking little American Coot is not letting on, but the Geese on the pond were sure giving him the a big ol’ dose of Stink Eye.

Northern Flicker

Looking sharp as he contemplates another try at getting seed from the bird Feeder.

This northern Flicker was just a bit too heavy to stand on the collapsible perches on our feeder although it did not stop him from giving it a go. He had to constantly work by flapping his wings to stay on the perch and I am sure he was using as much energy as he was taking in. After a few short tries he must have thought the same as he moved on to looking for food in the trees.

Red Breasted Nuthatch

On a cloudy winter day we watched as this little Red Breasted Nuthatch would stealthily sneak into the bird feeder while the flocks of sparrows and finches had their backs turned and quickly grab a seed.

She then spent much more time searching for that perfect hiding spot than spent getting the seed. Once a seed was hidden she would dart back in and repeat the process.

Denver, CO.