Meet Lou


Meet Lou the sweetest, oh well, the only male duck on a small pond close to home. Lou is married to Sue who we deduce is sitting on a nest full of eggs at the moment. Lou is courteous and polite and protective of Sue in just the right way.


He always prefers to make sure Sue has finished eating before he takes his meals. Standing guard and keeping his eyes open for predators.

Lou_1212 copy

Lou is amenable to having his portrait taken and over the course of a month or two we have indeed taken a few. A fine looking guy with a personality that is hard to beat.


So, meet Lou, the best male duck on the whole pond.

Mr Mallard


Make no bones about it, I get excited watching the less common waterfowl that overwinter on the local creeks and ponds, but there is just something special about the Mallard. Maybe a comforting familiarity or perhaps their mild demeanor and wonderful quacking. Anyway, this guy sure stood out the other day. Well dressed in his finest breeding feathers saying what needed to be said in such a simple way.


Red Breasted Merganser


An infrequent sighting on our local pond was this Red Breasted Merganser. When we arrived he was off in the distance head tucked and floating as he snoozed on a chilly morning. After watching him, as well as the hoodies and shovelers on the pond for an hour or so, he woke up swam around a bit, dove for some crawfish and flew away. Luckily he swam our way and we were able get a good look at a good looking bird and snap a few photos.