On the earth day earth.


Although spring had a calendar date of March 20th we have had an extended winter and this year earth day was the day that felt like spring had actually sprung.

The sun had been out for several days in a row without a flake of snow falling and the temperatures were downright warm. The snow was receding at a rapid pace and the earth became exposed. Flowers were budding and blooming all of which were no more than several inches high.

The promise of spring seemed fulfilled at last.



Flowers blooming with life inviting the early season pollinators in for a drink.

Pine cones alive on the forest floor and glow in the morning light.





Not more than an inch in height the flowers came in yellow and white.


The state butterfly Nymphalis antiopa “Mourning Cloak” basks in the sunlight on a road which only a day or two ago was covered in snow.


And then came the day after earth day…

Rudy Duck

Happy Earth day.

Hope you all have a chance to get out and enjoy the wondrous beautiful planet we all live on.

And just as an experiment how about we make every day Earth day.

A male Ruddy Duck cruises the waters of Lake John near Walden Colorado showing off his wondrous blue bill.

Has a Boss

Has a Boss

We can easily recognize that this has a boss…humans.
This panoramic pinhole is one of many versions of the same type of city scene I repeatedly photograph year after year always with a feeling of how unnatural and repulsive the scene of tangled wires and mid-seventies cityscape is. I always ask why? Why photograph this mess? Does this scene provide a needed contrast in my brain so that I can recognize the beauty provided by the natural world? Experience and modern research suggests that the power of what we call the natural world or nature is innate. It is time we stop believing there are two worlds, the natural and the man made, and realize they are one and the same. Get out and enjoy nature.