Here, there and everywhere

Still dressed in their summer coat this Ermine was doing what Ermines do. Looking and running and looking and running over here, over there just about everywhere in search of their next meal. Because an Ermine has such a long slender body and high metabolism they rapidly loose body heat needing a fairly constant caloric input. This means an Ermine needs to eat about 75% of their body weight in food every day. Thus they spend most of their waking hours in search of the next meal.

Anything over there?

When the hunting is good Ermines store food in their dens for the lean times.

Maybe over there?

Just about now this guy should have changed into their winter coat of pure white except for that black-tip on the tail. Seeing them bounding through the snow on a snowy winter day is a sight we look forward to.

Mr. White


An Ermine still dressed in their winter whites peeks out from under a log. Seasons are changing and soon Mr. White will become Mr. Brown and we will have a hard time seeing him as he forages in the tall grasses of the fields nearby.

Boundless energy in such a small package makes them such a wonder to observe.

Spring loaded


Spring loaded and tightly wound may be an understatement.

Back and forth and all around following the rabbit tracks this Ermine moved so fast it made us dizzy. As he hunted rabbits darted with lightening speed in every direction gravity would allow. Excitedly we watched yet feared for the rabbits lives. Yet when all was said and done we think the Winter Bunn made it out alive.  How she escaped this mighty hunter is a testament to the difficulty of finding a meal even for a hunter as fierce as the Ermine.

Mighty Might

While drinking our morning coffee at our campsite we watched as this little Ermine pass by carrying a chipmunk as large as they were. Unfortunelty we had no camera in hand. A few minutes latter the Ermine scurried past us in the direction in which they just came from. Within a few minutes there returned again carrying a Chipmunk. Still no camera in hand. However when we saw the Ermine return again heading the same direction I grabbed my camera and was able to capture them caring their third successful catch back to their nest. It was a tough day to be a Chipmunk and a good day for the Ermine pups.