Mighty Might

While drinking our morning coffee at our campsite we watched as this little Ermine pass by carrying a chipmunk as large as they were. Unfortunelty we had no camera in hand. A few minutes latter the Ermine scurried past us in the direction in which they just came from. Within a few minutes there returned again carrying a Chipmunk. Still no camera in hand. However when we saw the Ermine return again heading the same direction I grabbed my camera and was able to capture them caring their third successful catch back to their nest. It was a tough day to be a Chipmunk and a good day for the Ermine pups.

32 thoughts on “Mighty Might

    1. Yes, it’s survival of the fittest. I hope there are plenty of chipmunks to go around. I just love your pictures of birds and animals, Mike; most of them we don’t have here in Australia.

      1. Hi Mary it is a curious thing but sooner or latter we do all become food for something else on this planet. Thanks for the kind words and we will keep posting what we see while out and about and are glad to share what we see. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  1. Great pic. Stoats are public enemy number one in NZ due to the impact they’ve had on native birds (plus ferrets, rats, mice, possums) but it is still great to see them doing what they do in the place they’re meant to do it…without manmade interference.

    1. Hi Graham, I can only imagine the damage introduced stoats would have on an island population not evolved to land predators. I will always remember on BBC documentary scene where a stoat chased down a very large rabbit and easily won the battle. Amazing little animals in the right place.

    1. Hi, it was one of those events were I could have just sat there and enjoyed the show without grabbing a camera. I am glad I did as even though the memory would have been good enough a photos is a nice thing to have. Hope you get to see one of these little guys someday.

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