Living Color


Hot pools sparkle with color on a mostly cloudless autumn day. Blue pools ringed with living color in the form of thermophilic bacteria mix with a bluebird sky at Biscuit Basin.


At Norris the color palette is extensive and the views expansive.


Many species of Bacteria form the colorful mats found in many geyser basins.  Thriving in temperatures that range from a comfortable 30C all the way up to 80C and providing a visual confirmation that life is indeed varied and diverse.


Afternoon clouds rolled though and dotted the sky adding another layer of color to the wonderful landscape below.

finding color


The clouds weighed on the earth like a weight on this October day yet colors sprang forth to brighten the landscape.


Just a bit of snow lingers around the thermal features on Firehole drive although the next round is on its way.


Finding color on a cloudy day where color abounds.


Black and Tan

Black and Tan

Not the drink and the photo does have a little white….. but what the heck. The earth demonstrating once again it is alive and in the dead of winter makes a beautiful sight. Photographed in Yellowstone National Park.