12 thoughts on “Geysers and Grass

    1. Hi Clair e and thanks for the feedback. In fact this is just one small slice of Yellowstone. There is a great canyon, many wild rivers and majestic mountains to see as well. This is perhaps a more subtle image of the beauty in the park.

      Thanks for the feedback and hope your week is off to a great start.

  1. I had a great time with this following all the related material etc. You see the book I’m writing is set in Wyoming (which is a problem as I’ve never been there lol!) but my familiar places (Europe and S E Asia wouldn’t work for its particular apocalyptic theme – needed someplace big and wild lol! Though it doesn’t deal with Yellowstone in particular I gleaned a lot reading all these posts any admiring the photos and it was lots more fun than my painstaking research! Thanks!

    1. Hi Carl, we have taken several winter trips to Yellowstone and I would highly recommend one. A very peaceful and enjoyable time especially if you get out and xc-ske a bit away from the hubs.

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