13 lined Ground Squirrel

The photo is a bit blurry but so was our encounter with the 13 Lined Ground Squirrel. We were watching a Prairie Dog Colony and there was one Prairie Dog that just did not seem like the others. He was thinner and smaller. They would stand up tall and then quickly dart to another location very rapidly. They were much more hidden in the grass as well. We tried over and over to get a good look but this is  the best we got that afternoon. A fleeting glimpse of a magnificent 13 lined ground squirrel.


Seeing a new animal made me realize once again that life is so diverse and wonderful and there is so much yet to see.

Two Antelope

Two Antelope…they can be just dots on the landscape or present in the foreground but either way Pronghorn make the western landscape complete.

Looking west from the Pawnee National Grasslands two Pronghorn graze far in the distance with the northern front range of Rocky Mountains as a back drop.

This time looking east from the sage lands of North Park two Antelope graze west of the continental divide.

April, 2017.

Dressed for the occasion.

A little Prairie Dog stands tall to survy their surroundings on the Pawnee National Grasslands. He appears perfectly dressed for the dry grass this spring. Blending in well to your surroundings is a fine way to avoid those nasty Hawks and Prairie Falcons buzzing about overhead not to mention the myriad other animals and perhaps a reptile to two who night find the this little guy a fine meal.


Pawnee National Grasslands, 2017.


Wandering around on the Pawnee National Grasslands last weekend it was quite clear the land is thirsty.

Areas where temporary ponds usually are found are dry as a bone this year.

Flowers from last year remain but the new flowers are asking for rain.

A vast landscape in search of a drink…where are you April Showers.

April 8th 2017 on the Pawnee National Grassland.