Sunrise on the Grasslands

It is easy to feel the connectedness when the sun rises over the vast expanse of grasslands. Getting the opportunity to experience the prairie sunrise is a wonderful opportunity and this project to provide a hut-to-hut experience out in the grasslands is worth supporting.

2 thoughts on “Sunrise on the Grasslands

  1. I like that hut to hut concept. Are you aware of the Out of Eden project of National Geographic?
    Paul Salopek is walking from Ethiopia to Siberia, across into Alaska, then down to the tip of S America. He posts reports in a blog style. It’s been very interesting. His walk is a lot bigger than the hut to hut concept. Walking is so integral to our humanity and discovery of our world.


    1. Hi Jim and thanks of rite link. I have not heard of this project and am excited to check it out. I agree that walking is integral to being human both for discovery of the outside world as well as just being a human animal so to speak. It is what we as humans do really well.

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