From the forest floor


Todays post is brought to you courtesy of the forest floor. A place to discover wonders both large and small.  Like the sculptural beauty of a leaf  slowly working its way back to soil.


and a pine cone in all its’ glory.


So much to see in a 8 inch square.


yes, so much to see on the forest floor.

Harebells: Campanula rotundifolia L.


Harebells, or Bleubells if you prefer, have been a constant and happy companion of our hikes this summer. From sunny meadows to forested trails to hikes above tree line these flowers were always with us.


Harebells were Plant of the week on the USDA website and the linked articles contains some interesting facts describing the plants, it habitats and propagation methods.

A fairly ubiquitous flower yet one that really stands out.


A Marvel or Marvelous?


A male Red Veined Meadow-Hawk dragonfly perches on an old branch just above eye level. Perched facing right, he took a quick flight, then perched on the same branch facing left. He provided us a wonderful view of what has to be considered a marvel of engineering and biomechanical design from his amazing exoskeleton right down to the structure of his wings.

Truly a marvel as well as marvelous to observe. Beauty, form and function all wrapped up in one fine package.