On Butterfly Hill.


Butterfly hill is a place not so far away where an old mine seepage trickles water from the side of the hill, and perhaps minerals, which seems to attract butterflies from near and far.



We have seen many varieties of butterflies there and we present a smattering, or perhaps better said, a sampling, of a few of these beautiful insects.




A nice spot to just sit and watch things happen for both butterfly and humans.

Have a wonderful weekend.

14 thoughts on “On Butterfly Hill.

  1. Kit Dunsmore

    I’m impressed. We didn’t realize that there was something harder to photograph than birds until we started chasing butterflies.


    1. HI Kit, agreed. Chasing butterflies is a challenge and luckily this puddle that we found is like a magnet for butterflies and if you are just a tad sneaky you can get close enough to photograph them with the macro lens. Hope your spring is going well and wishing you a great weekend.


  2. What a wonderful hill to find all these different species of butterflies. And your photos are so crisp and beautiful, Mike, not easy with the flighty creatures. Thanks for this visit to Butterfly Hill today, I so enjoyed it.


    1. HI Jet, it is indeed wonderful to see so many different species congregate at a single spot. Now I just wish my butterfly identification skills were up to snuff so I could get a start on naming and finding out more about each species we see. Many look similar but on close inspection may be different species. Fun stuff. Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.

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    1. HI and thanks. Finding that just right puddle does make it easier thank trying to chase butterflies around waiting for them to land to get a photo. Warm, wet compost or rich soil seems to be a key as well as minerals or other nutrients in the soil don’t you think?

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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