Minus Minus

Up until about a week or so ago our winter had been mild and somewhat dry. Well, all that changed in the drop of a hat as last week was a minus minus week. Minus at night and minus during the day as well. And while it was frigid the good thing about cold compared t heat is that you can bundle up and get out and enjoy the snow and silence that accompanies a frosty day.

While morning temperature were hovering near -20o F, afternoons seemed downright balmy at -80F, and, hey, the sun was peeking through at times. We ventured up a local trail enjoying a gentle uphill which actually had us unzipping our jackets. It was just warm enough to pull out the phone and snap a few pictures and soak in the quiet of a cold cold day.

A distant view as the clouds make way for sunshine that while bright and crisp did not warm our face.

A familiar friend lies across the creek accumulating snow. All in all a wonderful week and this week is forecast to be a minus plus…with snow to boot.

Lost and found

Finding our way along the trail to lost lake and beyond on a winter day with the sun shining strong.

Light filers through the forest and although winter is passing the shadows are still long.

Bison forage and animals silently roam.

Hope you have some time to enjoy outdoors this weekend.

Bone Dry

Starting out on foot on a trail we would usually be cross country skiing at this time of year. Needless to say that while the mountain tops are indeed covered in snow things below are still bone dry. Nonetheless it was a nice hike as that harsh and contrasty solstice light provided just enough warmth to keep us marching along.

Big views of distant peaks and a canyon where the Yellowstone river flows.

Dry grass and a rock lined ridge pointed the way as a late morning start quickly dissolved into afternoon.

Long shadows on a short day as we wound are way back home.

Bone dry but we hope that all changes soon.

Summer Days


While spending time ogling the wildflower patches in front of us we almost forgot to turn around and breathe in the pure cloudless sky and wonderful mountain ridge behind us.


An evening storm passes by bringing thunder but no rain on the mountain peak just across the way.


A classic summer cumulus just seemed to hang over this rock formation from early afternoon until evening.


The setting sun still shining out the mountains ever so close but still far away.

Summer days seem so few.