Minus Minus

Up until about a week or so ago our winter had been mild and somewhat dry. Well, all that changed in the drop of a hat as last week was a minus minus week. Minus at night and minus during the day as well. And while it was frigid the good thing about cold compared t heat is that you can bundle up and get out and enjoy the snow and silence that accompanies a frosty day.

While morning temperature were hovering near -20o F, afternoons seemed downright balmy at -80F, and, hey, the sun was peeking through at times. We ventured up a local trail enjoying a gentle uphill which actually had us unzipping our jackets. It was just warm enough to pull out the phone and snap a few pictures and soak in the quiet of a cold cold day.

A distant view as the clouds make way for sunshine that while bright and crisp did not warm our face.

A familiar friend lies across the creek accumulating snow. All in all a wonderful week and this week is forecast to be a minus plus…with snow to boot.

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