Four American Avocets seemed to have choreographed this move just for the camera. They were just milling about when all of a sudden a couple took to the air for a brief hop, skip and jump. It was one of those photos you just didn’t know you took until you see it.. Fun stuff.

In a flooded field

After a nice spring shower the grass seemed to spring up just a bit greener and these wet field provided the perfect place for some Long-Billed Curlews to spend the afternoon foraging.


Curlews are a bird we seem to never tire of observing. Probing the grass with that enormous bill.



Amazing birds.

First little chippy


This little guy was hanging out up in the tree tops munching on an old dried berry from last year with cobwebs clinging to the branches where surely leaves now reside. They were the first Chipmunk we noticed this spring and reassurance that winter had finally given way.

Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge.