When the going is good…

… the good get going. Or in this case eating and that is exactly what they Yellow-headed Blackbird was doing this afternoon. Feasting on the fresh hatch of midges that seemingly coated the tall Phragmites. While Phragmites grasses make for a nice backdrop in photos most are non-native species which are invasive in wetlands all across the United States. Many non-native Phragmites outcompete native marsh vegetation and provides little or no food for most marsh-dependent wildlife.

Always Curious

We were surprised when a pair of River Otters popped up over a river bank to check us out early one morning. Curious and inquisitive they had a quick look and then slipped back down the bank and out of sight.

Later on the family went out for a stroll along the riverbank and all marched in a line…well except for junior who had to make his own way.

Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge.