Along the edge of the pond


Frogs and Toads along the edge of the pond. Us looking at them. Them looking at us.

On that day we walked along the edge and counted eight frogs looking up enjoying an summer day. This little guy was especially curious and we spent a bit of time staring into each others eyes.


Next we came upon this Western Toad looking a bit cranky so just a quick hello and we moved along the edge until we came upon another toad.


This guys was a bit less cranky but still with that full toad personality on display…”leave me alone I’m catching bugs can’t you see. ”


And we weren’t the only ones staring at the wildlife that day as these two little frogs were having quite a stare down upon a small rock.

Happy Friday and perhaps you can spend a bit of time along the edge of a pond this weekend.

C is for Comma


A short pause is in order today to just soak in the beauty of the Comma, butterfly, that is.  One of the earlier butterfly species to grace the skies in our area each summer many of the earlier arrivals we observed actually overwintered as adults. Some finding refuge from the winters freeze deep in crevices of a trees bark.


Some we found warming themselves collecting minerals from the moist soil on the forest floor.


Whereas others were often found feeding on the new growth of the trees and shrubs.


Yes, C is for Comma.

Mrs. G


A short but sweet visit with Mrs. G…the Evening Grosbeak. We ran across her perched  upon a limb of a local tree where she gave us that who’s here glance…


and proudly proclaimed hello there my name is Mrs. G.


A quick little move from right to left…


and with a telling glance that, enough is enough, she swiftly ascended the tree and vanished from sight.

One rainy afternoon

YRW_121 copy

It was an unusually dark Friday afternoon just a week or two ago, light rain falling, when this male Yellow-rumped Warbler descended from their usual stomping grounds up in the tops of the conifers to forage on insects in the cattails along the edge of the pond.

YRW_212 copy

Taking their time they perused the area and picked out the most buggy of the areas to work over.

YRW_323 copy

Like a true warbler they rarely held still but we were lucky enough to get a nice long look of this beautiful bird before they took off to the tree tops above.


Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.