Mr. White


An Ermine still dressed in their winter whites peeks out from under a log. Seasons are changing and soon Mr. White will become Mr. Brown and we will have a hard time seeing him as he forages in the tall grasses of the fields nearby.

Boundless energy in such a small package makes them such a wonder to observe.

Empty the bucket

Once_again_3425 copy

We all need just a wee bit of time to empty the bucket before it overflows and makes a mess on the floor.

A bit of time to let your brain drain of that endless stream of information you have taken. Information we cannot process or act on to slip away.

Just a few minutes to shut off the flow and open the drain.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.



Morning breath.


On a recent spring day we were treated to a nice dose of morning breath but not the icky kind.

Basking in the warmth of the morning sunlight an American Bison passes by and glances our way. A beautiful morning yet chilly enough we could still see the Bisons breath as they slowly meandered by.