A few fine fishermen

A couple of fine fishermen, just hanging out, doing what fine fishermen do. Waiting patiently and strike when the time is right. Above is the Ringed Kingfisher which is the largest species of Kingfisher in the Americas measuring about 16 inches making it about 2-3 inches larger than the similar looking Belted Kingfisher. The Ringed Kingfisher has gradually expended their habitat Northwards and now can be commonly seen along the lower Rio Grande in Texas.

Another fine fisherman is the relatively small Green Kingfisher which is less than half the size of the Ringed Kingfisher photographed above. Unlike the Ringed Kingfisher the Green Kingfisher number may be on the decline as stream habitat is decreasing. A small bird with a large bill to say the least.

Just one thing…

There are days when the distinctions between between plants and rock, rock and animals and earth and sky seemingly disappear and all become just one thing. Lizards take on the colors and textures of the rocks in which they make their homes.

The song of a Canyon Wren fills the air along a canyon rim where bird stone and sky meld into one.

The stone of the landscapes waves as if water and becomes one with sky.

Textures, colors and shapes all just patterns in the landscape becoming a single thing.

Happy Friday and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Our Public Lands

Many, if not most, of the photographs we post on this site and much of the the enjoyment we get from being part of nature is the result of the extensive network of public lands we as Americans possess. These lands have always been and are currently under attack. The Film Public Trust is worth watching and one we hope you will pass along to others.


Painted_brush_2020_091276 copy

Our annual tribute to a perennial favorite wildflower of ours Painted Brush or Indian Paintbrush if you will. The plant belongs to the genus Castilleja of which there are over 200 documents species in the Americas. With 24 species in the Rocky Mountain region and with of those species nine in our local area we are always noting the subtle differences in colors, texture and shapes among these beautiful plants.

Painted_brush_2020_091761 copy

This years photos were taken on a hike up an alpine ridge with this beautiful orange-red variety being most prevalent that day.

Painted_brush_2020_671980 copy


Painted_brush_2020_891762 copy

Until we meet again.


Just passing through

Just_passing_through_123109 copy

Just passing through might be a bit of an understatement. While just getting ready to doze off we heard a bit of commotion just outside our campsite and just across a small creek this male moose came passing though. He moved along quickly and we hardly had time to snap a photo yet along admire him. Just passing through indeed.


Happy Friday and wishing you a wonderful weekend.