The Chukar , pronounced choo-karr. is a game bird introduced to North America and New Zealand from Eurasia. The Chukar typically inhabits high, dry and rocky terrain in Western North America. We have occasionally gotten a glance and sometimes a quick photo of them while out and about in the great basin region of the United States but our encounters were always short and to the point. That all changed a week ago.

While sipping our morning coffee this lone Chukar wandered into our yard. Probably an escapee from a bird dog training session or from a hunting ranch. This day we had a chance to observe and photograph this bird up close and for several hours as it hung around most of the day and into the early evening.

It was fun to get a good look at this Chukar however by days end they had wandered off into the sunset.

2 thoughts on “Chukar

  1. How very fortunate for both of you to have witnessed this curious individual. I’ve been birdwatching 30 years and have never seen a chukar. But with these exquisite photos and close-ups, it doesn’t even matter. Fantastic that you were there, captured it, and shared it. Thanks Mike.

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  2. We have so many in our Kamloops, B. C., backyard (which backs onto a grasslands mountain ridge) that they loudly announce their intention to bring their prodigious brood of young down to raid our vegetable garden and then proceed to eat the tops off all our onions and then just as loudly announce how they’re ready to make their way back up. They truly are the wackiest creatures ever. We wake up to the boldest of them on top of our roof, ‘chuk, chuk, chukchukchukchuk’-ing. And here we pronounce their name as ‘chuck-er’.

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