Summer Sunset on the Pond


Yesterday I could feel it happening. The sunset is getting earlier, the algae is in full bloom and the nights have cooled down just a few degrees. Summer is still hanging on and we may even get a few sweltering days but I can feel fall just around the corner. Zeroimage pinhole camera and Kodak Film.



On a recent trip to Yellowstone NP we watched this young mountain goat along with his mother feeding on some nice fresh greens not far from Mammoth Hot Springs. It is always fun to get to see these guys and this youngster just looked so sweet in his classic mountain goat pose on top of a rock.

Return of morning light

Both this Male House Finch and I are happy to see the return of morning light. It is nice to have a few minutes of sunshine before scurrying off to work. Me to the office and the Finch to the feeder across the year. Too bad it is short lived as we switch to daylight savings time this weekend just as the daylight comes.