Little Guy

Little Guy

Just as dusk sets in a cute little wren made a visit to the fence in the backyard hopping from picket to picket for just a couple of minutes before taking off into the approaching evening proving the adage that something small and unexpected can make your day.



A porcupine peaking out from behind a lodgepole pine near Willow Creek Pass in Colorado. We seldom see theses guys while out and about so this was a treat.

Have a great weekend.

For the next couple of weeks we will be posting some of our favorite posts from the past as we take a small respite from the digital world.


U-Turns Allowed

U-Turns Allowed

Just as we turned a corner while skiing on the Blacktail plateau we came across this guy having breakfast. We watched him for a minute but when he stomped his front hoof and gave us a grunt knew it was time for Quick U turn. We did not get to ski to our planned destination but it was a good day nonetheless.

October Robin


An American Robin Enjoying the fall light in a forest of mixed colors. We have tons of Robing in our area in the spring and early summer and as the young fledge they are absent until Autumn begins. Glad to see they have returned.