House Sparrow

It’s always nice to find a House Sparrow away from the house so to speak. Perched in the dried cattails and with all those shades of brown and rusty reds they just seem to look more at home.

The House Sparrow was introduced into Brooklyn, New York, in 1851. By 1900 it had spread to the Rocky Mountains. Two more introductions in the early 1870s, in San Francisco and Salt Lake City, aided the bird’s spread throughout the West. House Sparrows are now common across all of North America except Alaska and far northern Canada.

Between Shadows

The light just seems to change so fast this time of year. One second this beautiful White-crowned Sparrow was out in the light the next second in a shadow. Somehow we always seem to get them in-between the two and this day was no exception. A nice look, a nice bird and a nice way to start the week.

A handfull


Yes, Sparrows can be a handful, but when they come out in the open and give you good view that handful becomes a fistful.

We welcome back a Chipping Sparrow as they sit quietly as we pass by one a early morning walk. While this morning they were silent we typically are greeted by their song this time of year.


A  beautiful Lark Sparrow forages for the tiniest of sprouts springing forth from between this rocky soil.


Ushered by their beautiful wren-like song we were luck enough to  observe this Lincoln’s Sparrow enjoying the first rays of early morning light.

vesper_sparrow_0121 copy

While out in the grasslands a Vesper Sparrow sang it’s lovely song.