12 thoughts on “On an lichen covered post

  1. Hi Mike & Christy. Hope this finds you well. Lovely photo as always. Thank you, it brightens the day. I was just wondering if you’ve ever photographed lichen in any detail? I met someone recently who was telling me about a vast variety of species of lichen and I was just curious.


    1. Hi Graham and sorry we are so tardy with our replies. We have mainly photographed lichen from a very no scientific aspect just enjoying the beauty of these creatures. We have thumbed through lichen identification books in book shops and were blown away by the number of different species. Hope your well and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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      1. Great to hear from you! The world is an amazing place. Tardiness is not an issue…better to admire the world than worry about swift replies to strangers on social media I say. 🙂

        It’s Yorkshire Day today so happy Yorkshire Day! If you’d like details of a free comedy sci-fi ebook, by all means visit my blog to grab your copy!


        1. Well, I reckon we have just been in a coronavirus induced lethargy. Reading the news here in the US these days has been like trying to get a sip of water from a fire-hose flowing a full blast. You get your sip but it knocks you down as well. The funny thing is you keep trying to get that sip.

          We will amble over to your site and get a copy if we still can. I was only in Yorkshire once on a beer drinking-rock climbing trip to the UK in the late 1980″s and enjoyed it quite a bit.


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          1. What a great analogy! I’ve forced myself to stop reading news in the past month…too many politicians issuing pathetic sound bites and trying to deflect from the fact that they just don’t seem to care about the health of their respective populations…spending more time on trying to desperately claim they are doing a great job and that someone else is worse. Ridiculous. Life is a lot less annoying without it. 🙂


          2. I agree with that whole heartedly. In the US is is non-stop BS with a media intent on treating governance as a sporting event with only two teams in the whole league.

            I guess it will have to be cold-turkey with my news consumption as even just a little sucks me in for more.

            Have a great week.

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