Instead of the usual scolding I almost got hypnotized by this Red Squirrel.

Look into my eyes he said, from now on you will feed the squirrels and not the birds.

It was so close all I could think about was putting a bog of peanuts on the grocery list but he couldn’t help himself and started with his squawking.

Greased lightning

Greased lightning is the nickname we gave to these little rodents as they shot across the desert landscape foiling many of our attempts at photographing them. The White-tailed Antelope Ground Squirrel is a common to abundant desert dweller across the southwestern United States.

Right at home in this desert landscape the White-tailed Antelope is a diurnal mammal that feeds on a fairly omnivorous diet including seed, plants, arthropods and other insects as well as carrion.

They nest in underground burrows dug into the soft desert soil and use the burrow both as protection from predators and too keep cool during periods of extreme heat and cold.

Take a look at those little critters scurrying around the desert and you may just notice some greased lightning aka the White-tailed Antelope Ground Squirrel.

Greased Lightning in action.

Frenemy Update: where did they all come from?

Well…we started the winter with one Red Squirrel which we aptly dubbed our frenemy. Now it seems that there is a squirrel in every tree. Which is not exactly as nice as a chicken in every pot.

Although it is fun to watch the daily battles for territory as one squirrel makes a quick move across the yard to the tree another squirrel is occupying and the ensuing skirmish with several squirrels running rings around the tree. I cannot tell them apart enough to see who wins and looses each battle. Which is kind of like watching a sporting event but missing the ending. I have considered trying to paint each one a different color just for reference but decided that would not bee too nice and radio collar and gps tracking are better left for more scientific pursuits.

Anyway with spring comes more red squirrels, and thus more Frenemies and given their ever increasing numbers things are moving more towards the -en than the -frien side of things these days and yes they are cute…at times.