A Red Squirrel’s day.


Perched upon a wonderful old tree stump a Red Squirrel sat flaunting it’s gorgeous  red tail to the other squirrels nearby. This winter the Red Squirrels seem much more mild mannered than last winters Frenemy. Will it stay that way all winter? I’ll do my part the best I can.

12 thoughts on “A Red Squirrel’s day.

  1. Nice photo! I’ve always wanted to capture squirrels with snow in the background!!
    I didn’t know they were red squirrels in the USA! I though they were all grey squirrels, and the red ones were the European! In any case, they look different, as the European have some pointy hair on their ears, at least in winter.
    When I went to Scotland a few years ago, I tried to find red squirrels, but apparently many years ago someone brought American grey squirrels to the UK and Ireland and they spread, causing the almost extinction to the red squirrels in both countries… now they only live in Scotland, but I didn’t see any during those 2 weeks there.


    1. Hi we have both red and grey (eastern and western) in the USA as well fox and black squirrels. The grey ones are taking over in places and especially in places where predators are lacking.


  2. This squirrel could be last year’s frenemy come back….It’s funny how these squirrels are different from the red squirrels I grew up with in the mid-west. They were large and didn’t have that white circle around their eyes. Out east there are only scrawny gray squirrels. In any event, maybe this is the Frenemy or a relative…


    1. Same yard so maybe they are the same or probably at least one of the numerous offspring. The grey squirrels I have met have all been fat city squirrels which I have seen carrying off whole slices of pizza down the street after invading open dumpsters.

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    1. Chilled is a very temporary thing for a red squirrel. Today they are raising cain and scolding me for even thinking of going out in the yard to fill the bird feeders. More -en than Frien- today.


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