Fur Coats

Tow different alpine moths each wearing fur coats forage up high in the mountains of central Colorado.

Photographed in early September.

Just an hour after posting this I came across a news story describing the decline of insects by 75% in Germany. I am sure this is happening globally to varying decrees. This sixth extinction caused by our human species will have consequences and is affecting life big and small. A link to the study is provided below:






Fuzzy Purple Asters up high near tree line. It seems that when you ascend up towards the tundra the Asters become more fuzzy. A fur coat to protect against the chilly nights?

The butterflies like them as much as I do.

Photographed in August near tree-line in Central Colorado.

Aphids Beware

A few weeks ago one of the plants in our garden seemed to become infested with aphids of all sizes and shapes seemingly overnight. Also hidden within the plant and well camouflaged was a wonderful Aphid eating spider.

Once their prey was sighted the spider quickly moved in and made quick work of an medium sized green Aphid.

Given the number of Aphids present this guy will have quite a feast.

We also noticed numerous lady bugs and damselflies feasting away on the smaller aphids as well. Natural pest control at work.