Police Car Moth



Thanks to the help of 1nmbirder for assistance in correctly identifying this moth. WordPress readers are the best. Always ready to help in identifying and teaching about all the things we run across outside.

At first I thought it was a Ranchman’s Tiger Moth but it does appear to be a Police Car Moth. We came across these guys while they were feeding on wild aster and sunflowers high up on the trail in Central Colorado.

Elephants on Parade

Shortly after the snow melts and the boggy grassy areas are still wet the Elephant Head Lousewort Flowers (Pedicularis Groenlandica) come into full bloom. Their blooms always seem short lived but this year we were lucky enough to stumble across fields full of them in their prime on a recent hike in the Colorado high country.

Elephants on Parade in the Mt Zirkel Wilderness, CO.


Simply Summer

It’s mid-July and the forest near my home has quieted down. On our daily walk we begin to pay more attention to those things that define a July day. Most are simple and I often overlook them.

Like the fascinating home of a spittle worm.

or a Dragonfly resting on a branch.

And how many times I walk right past a dandelion going to seed without stopping to take its photo. A true disservice to that dandelion which has put a lifetime into become such a beautiful thing.

Sometimes it is the simple things that make you say it’s simply summer today.