Nesting in Precarious Places


Well the Killdeer was in fact hiding something. After the outburst displayed in yesterdays photo, we retreated letting the Killdeer have its peace but on the way out we stumbled into their nest full of eggs being incubated by one of the pair. The nest, just a little pile of pebbles, was located about a foot off the small gravel road we were driving away on. If we could speak Killdeer we would have let this pair know the nest site was not in the best location for dealing with humans in cars like us. We sure hope the eggs developed without incident.

10 thoughts on “Nesting in Precarious Places

  1. These birds do seem to live on the dangerous edge of things, don’t they? At Illinois Beach State Park they nest very close to the trail, and there are always going to be ignorant humans with their dogs off-leash in nature areas. Aren’t they lovely, though? I love these birds.

    1. Hi Melissa, yes they do pick nest site that are not always compatible with our human world do they. It probably haas worked for them just fine up until we became so prevalent on the planet in the last 110y or so.

    1. Well…they just don’t expect us humans to be so abundant or theta we might not be aware enough of their nesting sights would be the killdeer point of view. But all’s well that ends well in this case.

  2. It seems that killdeer have a strange habit of nesting within a foot of a road. The last nest I witnessed hatching was 2 feet off of a very busy farm road. It is amazing that the babies make it.

    1. Yes, ti is amazing that any of the chicks make it. When we encountered the chicks a few weeks latter they kept running along the road and darting back and forth across the from of our car for about 200-300 yards. When we would stop to let them go into the grass along the side of the road they would just stop.

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