Sharp Looking


Or perhaps looking sharp? This Western Meadowlarks beak fits right in amongst the barbed wire, sharp steel fence post and did I mention those claws. I wouldn’t like to tangle with any of them. Arapahoe Wildlife Refugee near Walden, CO.

18 thoughts on “Sharp Looking

  1. Mike, your birds are just great. I get really frustrated trying to photograph the birds here because they frequent the tops of the spruce where the heavy foilage shields them from view. So I’ll just keep enjoying yours. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Dave, bird photography is frustrating but rewarding. I would say that many of our bird photos are taken in short periods of time when we visit the correct habitat for for the birds and for photography. I also am not able to get very many photos when in spruce forests your can here them and see them at the tops of trees like you describe but without some unobtainable focal length lens they are jsut too small for an interesting photo.

  2. Thanks for talking about your strategy – I had never really thought about becoming more familiar with our birds and their habitats so I could improve my odds. I’ll do that, and work on birds that frequent the fields and hardwood areas where photography might be easier. I probably ought to walk less and stalk more, too.

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