Snowing, blowing and chilly. Winter has arrived. On Christmas it began to snow but now it is just downright chilly -7 F (-21C) this morning with light snow and a bit of a breeze. Tonight it is forecast to be -14 F (-25C). Time to throw that extra blanket on the bed.

American Dipper

The Dipper is a winter visitor in our parts and this year has presented a challenge to photograph. He seems to enjoy the darkest part of the creek and blends in quite well with the small boulders in the stream making spotting him difficult. We waited for eternity for him to hop up on the small sunlight boulder in the photo but no luck.
We were happy to watch him foraging in these small rapids and get a glimpse or two of him above the water as he spent about 95% of his time head down collecting dinner. Hope this guy finds plenty of food and hangs around so we can get another opportunity to watch him.
Amazing bird for sure.



A lone Bufflehead and several flocks of Geese waiting for the fog to lift and sun to rise on a short December day.

Keeping warm was the main activity on the frigid morning -7F (-21C) along the South Platte river where I am sure the water was warmer than the air.