Decembers Other Light


Even a colorful landscape becomes black and white when the snow begins to fall and the sun is hidden behind Decembers clouds. Photographed on a snowy afternoon ski in Yellowstone National Park.

14 thoughts on “Decembers Other Light

  1. These scenes to me are winter, and if i can’t photograph a scene like this, it hasn’t been winter 🙂 Wonderful photo! What is the smoke in the middle?

    Kind regards ,

    1. Hi Tieme, the smoke in the background is a small geyser letting off a bit steam. The geysers in yellowstone are a wonder in winter a mixing of hot and cold makes a bit of magic. Thanks again for the feedback and yes this is what I think of when I think winter.

  2. Sometimes paintings look like photographs. In this case your photo looks like a painting. Lovely atmosphere here. Reminds me of beautiful fine illustrations in very old story books I read as a child. Magical. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jane, Yellowstone is somewhat more a painting than photograph especially when the weather is thick and the geysers are putting off steam. It does give atmosphere to a photo. Hope your day is going great.

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