The other day we spotted a few Canvasbacks in the local pond. This guy just awoke from a nap on the edge of the ice. We don’t see many Canvasbacks around our area in the winter so watching a few napping and others diving into the pond for a meal was quite a treat.

40 thoughts on “Canvasback


    What a great shot! I love you you got his/her expression! Looks like a band on its leg. Might be interesting to call US Fish and Wildlife to see if they know the duck’s history, if you don’t see it there much. So many animals are having to find new migratory routes because of habitat loss. I love your pictures.

    1. Hi Mary, yeah this guy was just waking from a nap in the sun after a chilly night and had a nice look in his eyes. I think it was either a change of weather or the recent very cold wether which changed where these guys were located. The pond they were on was the only one around with some open water and these guys need to dive for food so perhaps that comes into play. I suspect as it warms back up these guys will move back to their usual habitat.

          1. Here are the german titel: Krähen: Ein Portrait , from Cord Riechelmann
            Die Seele der Raben , from Bernd Heinrich
            the other titel i have forgotten
            here in my hometown we have over 2000 years a colony of special rooks, we call it “Saatkrähe”

          2. When i was a child the farmers hate the blacks because they picked up all the new korn. Today on tje most field they bought big houses.
            But Crows and rooks very clever, they founded other “goldmines”
            Here is one Place, a little Forest where you can see hundreds of rooks, when they come home.
            It is a loud orchestra.

  2. Last year, we had lots of Canvasbacks, as it was so cold for so long, that those that typically winter a bit further north had to come further south to find open water. This winter, I’ve only seen a few. But with this stretch of below freezing weather due to extend through this week, perhaps a few more will come nearby. Love your photo!

    1. Hi Judy, the recent cold out here might be one reason we have the canvasback visiting right now. These guys were on one of the only ponds with open water in the area. It was nice to get a photo of this guy out of the water as it really show how squat they are in comparison to some of the other ducks we usually have. Hope your day is join good and perhaps a few canvasbacks will make their way towards you this week.

    1. Hi, we were lucky to catch this guy as most of the time we observed them there were snoozing. We were able to get pretty close since most of the ice was frozen and all the ducks were grouped into a fairly small area that morning. Usually they as well as the buffleheads and redheaded ducks are always far outing the middle of the lake. Hope your day is going well.

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