31 thoughts on “Winter Forest

    1. Mike, The two shots you commented on were both taken with my phone using the hipstamatic app. I then manipulated them a bit in lightroom a bit but the texture is from the app.

    1. Thanks Tammy, Perhaps the artistic part was due to the speed of the snow coach moving so fast and me trying to soak up the beautiful view. A happy accident that precisely expressed the feeling I was having.

    1. Hi Tieme, it was one of those photographic moment that just seemed to happen correctly. I do like Hipstamatic and especially the wet plate reproduction films. Hope your week is going well.

    1. Thanks Annerose, it tuned out to be a nice photographic accident that the effect of the moving coach was translated into the not quite real feel of passing by something so fast you do not get to soak it upend it is left as a bit of a dream. Hope your day is going great.

    1. Hi Alexander, and thanks. I like the fuzzy look given by some of the apps on my phone and when used when the time is right they do give a great look. Hop your day is going well.

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