Red Tailed Hawk


I think the fence post has to be one of the most valuable tools for a bird photographer. Without that perch it sure would be a heck of a lot tougher to get close enough for a decent photograph in the grasslands and plains were trees are sparse. This Red Tailed Hawk was happily perching on a post up near Walden, CO last summer.

29 thoughts on “Red Tailed Hawk

  1. Years ago I took a bird art class at the Chicago Art Institute. The instructor used to comment on the ubiquitous “blasted stump” in bird paintings through the ages. 🙂 Where would we be without them, or posts?


    Beautiful shot. We have a nesting pair of red tailed hawks here. We put up a perch pole, but alas my 300 lense is not strong enough.I love watching them soar on thermals. Lovely. What lense do you use?

    1. Hi Mary, this one was taken with a 400mm lens on tripod. We actually were able to get pretty close this time which really helped make the photo. It seems even with a pretty powerful lens birds still need to be close. Hope your day is going well.

  3. veronetravis

    I see these all the time here in Texas but not up close. This one is as beautiful as I think they are when they are in the sky. He looks pretty big, too. It is hard to really tell size when they are flying.

    1. Spot on John, the bun dace of fence posts sure would give a helping hand to the hawk. Just think about the energy savings of being able to perch on a post and wait versus having to fly and soar while looking for food in the grasslands.

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