30 thoughts on “Cottonwood and Sun

      1. I’m intrigued by the mystery that I find life truly is and which art has an exquisite ability to express without need of explanations, only invitating the observer in to explore…

    1. Hanne, thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I have a similar view as well. The mystery of life is ever present and by taking time to see, i.e. observation, the true nature of what is can be expressed.

  1. JBH

    Love this shot! I am totally intrigued by those who are able to create such amazing shots with an iphone. Who would have thought several years ago that people would be creating true art with a phone, of all things?? Looking forward to exploring more of your work!

    1. JBH, thanks a bunch. It is amazing and incredible that we now have a tool that fits in the pocket takes and processes images and allows the to be shared with the world. I hope you enjoy poking around the blog and find other images you like.


      1. I used to do the same with compacts in the early 80’s when sun would blanch the colour, particularly on snow, but my results were never that interesting, just a means of cutting down glare, and you’ve used it to great effect here. Love the image.

        1. I think what made this interesting was the use of the old fashioned wet plate photo app. Amazing where things have gone since compact film cameras in such a short time. In fact we were just cleaning out a drawer yesterday and found an old olympus compact and thought we should run a roll of film through it. Hope your weekend is going well and have a great week ahead.

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