Goldeneyes at Golden Hour


Courtship season has begun for the Goldeneyes on our local pond. Photographed with the last bit of golden light reflecting off the ice, a male goldeneye tilts his head way way back in an attempt to attract the onlooking female while another male sizes up his competition.

22 thoughts on “Goldeneyes at Golden Hour

    1. Hi and thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it. It is amazing how far they guys can bend backwards and always fun to get a peek into their behavior. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

      1. My day was fine, thank you! Working at the top of a high building and a great view over a snowy Rotterdam (The Netherlands) is quite lovely! Hope yours was great too!


  1. I can’t find another description as “magical”. The light is incredible. And is it common that courtship begins so early during deep winter for those… can I say guys?… or were they just tired of everything and decided to enjoy life a bit earlier in the sparkling sunlight? We will never know, I guess.

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