26 thoughts on “Through the steam

      1. Jim Streeter

        Mike, the revolution of DNA technology came from the hot pools of Yellowstone. An enzyme called Taq polymerase was discovered in the pools and became an essential ingredient in the development of DNA testing.

        1. Hi Jim, I did not know Taq polymerase was isolated from bacteria in the hot pools in yellowstone although it seems likely that we should find it there as those thermals have been proposed to be the initial breeders of what we consider life. I have used the enzyme for years in the lab to perform RT-PCR reactions.

          1. Jim Streeter

            Interesting background on who owned the rights to TAQ, Applied Biosciences had it but Promega also sold it, quite a court battle or such a small chemical that changed the world in such a big way. I used it in Forensic DNA testing.

          2. It is a chemical that changed many things. Just think we can have our DNA sequenced for a fairly reasonable fee these day and we have Taq to thank.

  1. What an amazing shot, Mike. I envy your proximity to Yellowstone…I have never been there but I can see it is an awesome place from your photos.

    On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 8:47 AM, nature has no boss wrote:

    > Mike Bizeau posted: ” Blocked by clouds and geyser steam the late > afternoon sun lights the land on fire. Upper geyser basin in Yellowstone > National Park. “

    1. Hi Eliza, yes it is nice to be able to make it up there once or twice a year depending on circumstances. Although Our last voyage lasted two days and involved several cancelled flights due to fog. Would have been better to drive that time.

    1. Thanks, we just happened to be skiing on the correct side of the geysers that afternoon to see this and also this was the only afternoon with any direct sunlight. Right place…right time that day. Hope you are dong well and having a great day.

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